What did you do in the bee yard today? December 9, 2013


This Friday’s weather system brought seven inches of powder to our valley, as well as round-the-clock sub-freezing temperatures.  The low of the weekend was 5°F.  While some of my hives got a nice cap of snowy insulation, the extreme conditons are likely to take down any colonies that are too weak or small to maintain a viable cluster temperature.  So, while I busy myself with frozen drains and animal waterers, I am looking ahead to the weather break that will allow me to change out my condensation-absorbing towels and see how my hives come through this first serious challenge of the winter.  On the bright side, the sub-freezing temperatures outside beautifully replicated conditions in my freezer.  All the hive bodies I had sitting around the yard awaiting their 48-hour pest- and disease-killing stint next to the frozen peas and beans have done their time and can be safely put away in storage.  I’m so curious to see what next week will bring…




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