It’s just plain hot!


I got a worried call from home today…”Are you coming home soon? The bees are doing something weird!” This bunch was due for an inspection soon, so in I went. There’s nothing like a crowd of bees loafing around the front of a hive to put the fear of swarms in me. As it turned out, everything inside seemed fine: no swarm cells, but lots and lots of bees prompted a quick supering. With warm weather and so much blooming, it’s hard to stay ahead of the need for more boxes!


2 responses to “It’s just plain hot!

  1. I got a new package last weekend. I’m keeping an eye on them. They’re eating syrup and really bringing in pollen. My other hive concerned me because of all the hanging on the front near the entrance too.

  2. Bearding is pretty normal when it’s warm out, but you don’t usually see it until July when populations have peaked. My conjecture is that the bees built up early because of the warm winter and have crowded themselves out. I supered this hive and allowed for some extra ventilation with a few toothpicks between the top boxes. I think the extra space and air will have them back inside tomorrow–and me more relaxed!

    Congratulations on your package bringing in pollen–I bet they have brood!

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