What’s blooming? May 14, 2015






While the big leaf maple flow is winding down in my narrow valley, it seems as if just about everything else is blooming all at once.  Native berries, including thimbleberry, manzanita, salal, red flowering currant, trailing blackberry, huckleberry, hawthorn, and red and blue elderberry are all in bloom this week.  Cascara, native irises, miner’s lettuce, lupines, buttercup (ranunculus), kale and mustard, roses, rhododendrons, camas, rosemary, chives, late apples, bearded and Siberian irises, golden chain tree, English walnut, dogwood cultivars, Scotch broom, and red and crimson clovers are also flowering.  Meanwhile, the flower buds of Himalayan and evergreen blackberries continue to swell in anticipation of an early blackberry season.

Valley view, from near to far: hawthorn, Scotch broom, and manzanita

Valley view, from near to far: hawthorn, Scotch broom, and manzanita


5 responses to “What’s blooming? May 14, 2015

    • At the moment, I’m glad for the delay our elevation makes in the bloom schedule. I am not ready for the blackberry flow just yet! Maybe the rain will keep the nectar going for a while. Hope and your bees are well, Ken!

  1. I’m a little later with blooming due to elevation. I have a locust (?) tree that is blooming almost a month earlier than usual. And the jasmine is early too.

    • Yes…I hate to waste energy on worry, but I wonder what will be left to bloom in June and July. I am not excited at the prospect of an extra month or two of dearth!

  2. I was thinking the same about everything being bloomed-out early. At least the Himalayan blackberries don’t seem to be early, at least where I am.

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