What did you do in the bee yard today? November 12, 2017


I began changing out robber screens for mouse guards last weekend.  This simple task has become something of a fall ritual for me.  I delayed as long as possible to forestall any late-season robbing.  I find it extremely disappointing to come home from work on an unseasonably lovely October day to find that the nucs I’ve safe-guarded so successfully through the dearth have been relieved of their hard-won stores because I rIMG_4682emoved the robber screens too early.  Two weeks of rainy, cold weather have convinced me that winter is actually on its way.  While there are a number of very sophisticated, multi-purpose contraptions on the market designed to foil shelter-seeking rodents, I use a simple L-fold of 1/4″ hardware cloth held in place across the hive entrance with office tacks.  This cheap, effective mouse guard protects my hives from mouse damage, and I hope, will keep them feeling feeling relaxed and secure.

With lids secured, honey in the frames, and mouse guards in place, it’s time for that hot cup of tea…



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