Inspection, at last!



Tied up with work and travel during the beautiful weather Thursday and Friday, I resorted to inspecting between showers yesterday and today.  I was very happy to find a decent amount of bees in the colonies I opened.  The one shown above was about average, with six or seven frames of bees and brood.  While I reversed the boxes of some of the stronger colonies, I just centered this one, making sure that they had space all around their cluster for brood expansion.  Most of the colonies I’ve inspected so far have had plenty of honey near the cluster, with a nice fresh arc of pollen just above the brood.  One that was light on stores got some of my no-cook sugar candy tucked on top of and in between brood frames.  Other routine chores included cleaning bottom boards, supplying grease patties and removing mouse guards.  I found a few drones, but not so many that queen cell production seems imminent. Swarming in the valley was mentioned as a distinct possibility; the subject came up more than once at the LCBA meeting on the 15th, just prior to a couple of glorious days of sun.  The Coast Range season is at least two weeks behind the Willamette Valley, so swarm prevention will definitely be on my agenda in the next couple of weeks.

Looks like game on!


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