What’s Blooming? March 21-28, 2015


As usual, just when I really want to pay close attention to what’s blooming and when, spring’s flurry of activity distracts me from good record-keeping!  The last week has brought many garden plants into bloom…apples, cherries, pears, wood hyacinth, bay laurel, and serviceberries.  Our coast range natives are also supplying some wonderful forage: filberts, willows, native cherry, big leaf maple, little native strawberries, and madrone (photographed above) are all just beginning to bloom. And my neighborhood bee forage workhorses, Indian plum and flowering quince, are pushing out their final blossoms.


2 responses to “What’s Blooming? March 21-28, 2015

  1. I’m seeing different pollen colors coming in–from very pale off-white to bright yellow. I have cottonwoods here and lots of willows that might be where the pale pollen is from. A friend on West Sheffler in the Elmira/Noti area had one bee with bright red pollen! I saw it with my own eyes or I wouldn’t have believed it!

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